8 Characteristics of a Modern Homes

August 15, 2020


While traditional home styles are still popular in some parts of the country, there is no denying that environmental influences and emerging lifestyles have brought out a new dimension to architecture and building standards over the past few decades. Modern homes are dynamic in design and creative in character, breaking away from the traditional aesthetic. Reflecting the times we live in, modern home design is constantly changing in both shape and style.


At 4G Design Build, it only takes one look at our portfolio to see why we are considered one of the leading modern home builders in Lake Norman and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to design and build modern homes that keep out clients healthy and happy within the lifestyles they live.

8 Characteristics of a Modern Homes

When clients are interested in a modern home work with our team of experienced custom home builders and designers, part of the initial planning stage involves discussing the different characteristics and features that can be included in their new home. In this blog, our custom home builders in NC highlight some of the features that a majority of modern homes almost always embrace.

  1. Oversized Windows

One unique feature that you’ll find in many modern homes is large, oversized windows. Larger, energy-efficient windows will allow for plenty of natural light. Modern homes often are designed with large floor-to-ceiling length windows that provide dramatic views of nature and the outdoors. Sliding glass doors and high-set windows are common as well. 

  1. Open Floor Plan

Traditional style homes often have rooms that are separated by walls and doors of all shapes and sizes. Modern homes are quite the opposite. Many modern home designs have an open floor plan that creates a unified design aesthetic throughout the home. Open floor plans can make even the smallest spaces feel bigger and brighter and give you the flexibility to layout your rooms and furniture however you wish.

  1. Updated Kitchen Space

Clean lines. Simple styles. Use of open space. A modern, updated kitchen is often the epicenter of designing a custom home. Modern kitchens have an open layout, typically with minimalistic decor. This space is often designed with energy-efficient appliances, modern lighting and fixtures, and other storage and space amenities. The kitchen space is free of clutter and unnecessary frills and instead focuses immensely on function. 

  1. Eccentric Roofing

Traditional homes have those familiar triangular-shaped roofs. Modern homes, on the other hand, tend to opt for something a bit more unconventional. Multiple roof lines across different levels are very common in modern houses, as they typically show off the complexity and creativity of the home. Flat roofs are also very common in modern home design. 

  1. High Ceilings 

A unique roofing style often translates to high, dramatic ceilings. Having high ceilings is something that many homeowners dream of — they are elegant, fascinating, luxurious, and can open up the room. They bring in more natural light and offer incredible design versatility.

  1. Outdoor Living

Another popular trend you’ll find in modern homes is extending the living space to the outdoors. Outdoor living has become a popular trend in recent years and more and more homeowners are transforming their backyards or basic patio spaces into a spot where the family can unwind. Today, many outdoor living spaces incorporate a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, and/or an outdoor fireplace.

  1. Energy-Efficiency 

Modern homes are designed and built to be energy-efficient. Thanks to technological advancements in building elements and construction techniques, modern homes also allow modern energy saving ideas to be seamlessly integrated into custom home designs while improving comfort, health, or aesthetics. Modern homes incorporate different features that will play a part in helping reduce your monthly electric, gas, and water bills.

  1. Modern Light Fixtures

Interior lighting is a central aspect of modern home design. The positioning of the lighting and the fixtures used can have a dramatic effect on the atmosphere of a home. When designing a custom modern home, a considerable amount of time is spent choosing modern fixtures to match throughout your home, including all the living spaces, kitchen, and bathrooms.

These are just a few of the many features and characteristics that modern homes often have. The popularity of modern home designs is only increasing, as more and more people are starting to embrace the contemporary house style. Of course, when you work with our custom home builders, we’ll navigate you through all of the available features and selections for your modern home so that it best fits your wants, budget, and lifestyle.

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