Sam & Denae Gandy

Sam and Denae understand life. They know that many memories and life experiences will take place in the homes they provide to their clients. Babies will be born, Thanksgiving dinner will be eaten, Christmas will be celebrated, grandchildren will be enjoyed and the many ups and downs of  life will be experienced. Building a home is an important and intimate process. Knowing this process will be stressful, Sam and Denae try to minimize this stress with early preparation, honest communication and understanding.

About Sam & Denae

Our vision is simple.  Make our customers happy and build great homes.

  • Communicate clearly and often
  • Prepare prior to starting construction
  • Review critical tasks and job site safety
  • Learn from both victories and mistakes
  • Excel by doing all things with excellence

Meet Our People


Quinton Gandy

Quinton Gandy is the founder and part owner of 4G Design Build.  As a licensed North Carolina General Contractor in the Unlimited Category, and with over 25 years of construction experience, Quinton is a great asset to 4G and our clients.  He has experienced most of the challenges that occur in the construction industry and no problem is too big for him to solve.  Although semi-retired, Quinton still builds several homes a year for 4G and is also in charge of our land acquisition and lot development.  Quinton is the proud parent of two children and the grandfather to five grandsons.  Quinton’s hobbies include working hard and building great homes.


Sam Gandy

Sam Gandy is the President  and a part owner of 4G Design Build.  He is a North Carolina General Contractor in the Unlimited Category, a Certified Green Building Professional, and a graduate with honors from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Although he has been around construction for 20 years, designing and building custom homes is Sam’s passion.  With a creative personality, Sam loves designing homes that are not the “Norm” for North Carolina.  Modern homes fascinate Sam, and he loves the challenge of designing and building these cutting edge homes.  Sam is proud of 4G award winning customer service and designs.  As for hobbies he enjoys reading, bee keeping, wood working and traveling.


Denae Gandy

Denae Gandy is 4G’s Design Consultant. She is here to guide you through the selection phase  of our Design Build program. With Denae’s help, you will choose the special things that make a house a home, everything from the roof color to the hardwood floor. Denae is a great asset to our clients and her services are included at no additional charge to you.  Denae is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a degree in Horticulture.  Denae and Sam have been married for 20 years and enjoy a great marriage and true friendship.  In her free time, Denae enjoys homeschooling her and Sam’s two children, bird watching, snuggling her two cats and restoring her 1988 Jeep Wagoneer. She cannot wait to meet you and begin making your dream home a reality!


Tommy Parr

As 4G’s Vice President of Construction, Tommy oversees all tasks in the field from pre-construction lot walks through post-close warranty.  After attending North Carolina State University, Tommy has over 15 years experience within the residential construction industry and is responsible for the completion of more than 150 homes.  His wealth of knowledge and customer-first mentality make him an asset on every project.  When not on the jobsite, you can find him in the office meeting with clients or continuously working on the many details of the home building process.  Outside of work, Tommy enjoys spending time with his wife Mary Katherine and their son Warren.  You can often find him trying to catch a fish on the coast or attending a Panthers game!


Jonathan Perez

Jonathan Perez is the office manager for 4G Design Build.  He graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration. Before joining the 4G team in Fall of 2017, Jonathan worked in direct sales for a year, as well as spent a summer teaching English and working with a missionary organization overseas. His favorite aspect of his job is working with the close-knit 4G Design Build team. Jonathan enjoys being outdoors, UNC basketball, and being with friends and family.