About Sam and Danae

April 8, 2019


Sam and Denae are servant hearted. They have been serving people since they began their professional careers over 15 years ago. We always ask: are those we serve happy?  If not, then why are we doing it?  From the very beginning the “customer” always came first. They learned many valuable lessons as they served precious people in North Carolina, Alaska, Australia and Papua New Guinea. These lessons can be directly applied as they guide you through the design build process. Treating others as you want to be treated and constructing  every home like it is your own goes a long way in building relationships as well as building homes.

Sam and Denae understand life.  They know that many memories and life experiences will take place in the homes they provide to their clients. Babies will be born, Thanksgiving diner will be eaten, Christmas will be celebrated, grand children will be enjoyed and the many ups and downs of  life will be experience. Building a home is an important and intimate process. Knowing this process will be stressful, Sam and Denae try to minimize this stress with early preparation, honest communication and sympathetic understanding.

Sam and Denae are fun and relaxed. They know people are mostly the same deep down and everyone wants to enjoy life to the fullest!  Why do something dull when it can be done with creativity, excitement and enjoyment? Honestly the design build process can be hard but in the end it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Sam and Denae are practical and value oriented. They want you to get the most for the money you spend on your new home. Their goal is to always hit your budget and let you spend your money on the things that are important to you. If they see you straying outside of choices that line up with your budget they will “wave the red flag.”  Of course in the end, they want you to have the home of your dreams but just as much they want you to come in on budget. Unlike other builders they do not up-sell options and upgrades. They actually down-sell options and upgrades by offering you a price reduction list allowing you to put yourself back into your comfortable price range.

Sam and Denae are inclusive and flexible. Their homes include many standard features that most other builders call upgrades. Some of these items include granite counter tops, painted garage floors, spacious master showers, shower niches, soft close cabinet draws and doors, ample lighting allowances, green construction features, wells and septic systems if needed, comfort height elongated toilets, can lighting, custom built closet shelving, professionally designed landscape plans, irrigation systems and much more. They also allow and encourage you to choose custom paint colors, pick your own light fixtures, layout your electrical fixtures and design your interior trim details.

Sam and Denae are open and honest.  They understand you want to make informed decisions based on the facts. They will provide you with a fixed-price contract so you will know the exact cost of your home prior to starting construction.  This  fixed-price will not go up during the build unless you upgrade your selections.  And when you contemplate making changes after construction begins, they will provide costs and build time extensions so you can make wise decisions.

Sam and Denae are there. Even as owners of the company, they will be available to you from the start to finish of your new home. Although they have excellent and experienced projected managers on your job site daily, they are always just an email or phone call away.

Let’s get started on your new home together!