The Key Differences Between a Custom Home Builder & a Production Home Builder

August 8, 2021


When you are interested in living in a brand new home, it’s important to understand the differences between a custom home builder and a production home builder. While the two don’t have many major similarities other than that they both build homes, people will often mistake or mislabel a production home builder as a custom home builder.

At 4G Design Build, we’re a custom home builder in North Carolina, meaning we design and build homes to meet client specifications. Working with our team is truly the ideal way to build your dream home, something production builders don’t offer. Continue reading to learn more about the differences between production and custom home builders.

An image of different design selections for a home build

Production Home Builders Don’t Allow for Customization

Production home builders have one simple goal in mind: build homes, and do so productively. They only work from a selection of floor plans and design selections, which can lead to having to make more compromises in terms of what the buyer of the home truly wants. While buyers will sometimes have the option to choose certain types of flooring, color schemes, cabinets, and countertops from a predefined set of selections, it’s nothing compared to the customization options buyers get with a custom home builder.

An image of a master-planned residential community.

Production Home Builders Don’t Typically Build Outside of Master-Planned Communities

There is nothing wrong with living in a master-planned community. It offers its advantages and disadvantages just like other available options. However, this is typically what you get with production home builders — they may have multiple lots in a development — often in large master-planned communities so buyers don’t have much say in where their home is built. With a custom home builder, you get to choose the lot you build on, whether it’s on the lake, in a quaint neighborhood, or secluded in a wooded area.

An image of an interior designer looking at color swatches

Production Builders Don’t Partner With Interior Designers

Again, production builders design and build their homes based on pre-selected floor plans and material selections. This can limit a buyer’s influence on what the home looks like once it’s completed. Many custom home builders, on the other hand, work with interior designers so their clients ensure the interior of their new home has the look and feel they desire. At 4G Design Build, we have award winning interior designers on staff ready to help our clients create something incredible.

An image of a man trying to calculate his custom home budget

Production Builders Don’t Work With Budgets

While production homes are definitely more cost effective, their price points are pretty firm. In other words, what you see is what you’ll get. The only thing that changes with the price of these production homes is that it gets higher the more upgrades and features that are requested. If you have a budget in mind, you have to find a house to fit it. Custom homes, in comparison, will most often cost more than production homes, but at the same time they have more flexibility when it comes to budgets.

If you’re considering working with a production home builder to purchase a home, you might be surprised at the benefits switching to a custom home builder offers. If you would like to learn more about building a custom home, contact 4G Design Build today.