What makes 4G Different?


What Separates 4G Design Build from Other Companies?

Shopping for a home builder means asking LOTS of questions. But when it comes time to decide which builder to choose, only one of those questions truly matters—what makes your company better than the others? There are countless reasons that 4G Design Build is superior in quality and customer service to our competitors. Here are just a few key features that set us apart from other builders.

The Right Lot for Your House: At 4G, we want your home to work with your lot, and not the other way around. Other home builders will encourage customers to spend tens of thousands of dollars moving dirt in order to make a lot work for their home. 4G does the opposite. Our priority is to ensure that the home you choose to build will compliment your lot, therefore saving you money. Contact us for a free on-site review of your property.

Efficient Money-Saving Design: When designing your new home, we work hard to create the most efficient layout possible. We do this for one important reason: to save you money. Our team knows how to reduce unnecessary structural costs, leaving room in your budget for the parts of your house that will actually be seen. Design is our specialty. Let’s get started!

Custom-Built: As custom builders, we love designing houses that are as unique as our customers. Every 4G home is created based on the homeowner’s individual preferences and needs. Whatever your lifestyle includes, we’ll customize your home to reflect and support it—whether that means a bigger office, functional outdoor space, or added bedrooms for your growing family. Take the time for a custom design, it’s well worth it!

Sweating the Small Stuff: At 4G, we promise to care for even the smallest details of your home, from the planning and design all the way through completion. Not only that, we sweat the details that many homeowners don’t know to look for—for example, making sure there is enough room for interior trim around doors, windows, and other openings. By scrutinizing the design choices from an early stage, we eliminate many issues that could otherwise come up later during the build process.

Staying in Touch: A custom home is one of the largest and most important investments you will make in your life. That’s why every 4G Design Build home includes our 1-year full warranty and a 10-year structural warranty, at no additional cost. Contact us to learn more about other customer support services.